Friday, March 11, 2011

"Ostrich public relations" to manslaughter case fermentation

June 25 false positives on the simplified Chinese version of Norton WindowsXP system files the disclosure of compensation programs, and again this incident affected users apologize. Compensation for damage to the user is expected to be launched on June 27.

Symantec said in the published program, the affected individuals will receive 12 months of extended use period, and receive storage Restore 2.0 Norton software; and enterprise users will be according to the number of the affected PC Ghost solution program suite.

In addition, Symantec said in a statement after the data statistics, this incident affected no more than 50,000 computer units.

May 18 this year, the world's leading anti-virus software Norton virus database update, will be the key to simplified Chinese version of WindowsXP system files as virus removal, restart the computer after the user will be paralyzed unavailable. Norton in the four and a half hours after an emergency upgrade to provide solutions. However, Norton's installed capacity in China, a broad, still a large part of the user losses.

Compensation package announced, Norton manslaughter events seem to be come to an end, but my analysis: Symantec disappointing because the "ostrich public relations", the lack of sincerity of the compensation package does not Qiamie crisis "flame", the crisis information media constantly repeated shocks spread, amplification, and interests are impaired may break out at any time savings in the mood, so development is far from over, will continue to simmer.

5 weeks time to achieve its full passive

Norton from May 18 to the outbreak of manslaughter on June 25 the "sincerity", Symantec took the full 5 weeks. 5 weeks time for the evolution of the fast-changing crisis, in terms, perhaps with the "ostrich speed" to describe.

The speed of light diffusion in the information age of the Internet, the traditional theory of the crisis in the evolution of the "golden 48 hours" the statement said, is already obsolete, and now has asked the parties to achieve fast response within 8 hours to set up high-level leaders of the crisis Leading Group, predicted the possible reaction of stakeholders to determine the direction and evolution of the crisis severity develop a systematic program of crisis management response, quickly make the appropriate arrangements, to the outside world that their 绔嬪満.

Although Symantec spent 3 days in May 21 bursts of two, announcing the survey results and solutions event, on May 23 they held a press conference, but are simply "manslaughter for the accidental event deep sorry "we do not see the attitude of responsibility and sincerity. Until June 25, the public only until the result of "feelings of guilt" (Symantec Greater China CEO Bernard Kwok language) and give a "good faith that the program."

Then, late this month or in good faith to the Symantec caused the consequences?

Keep negative information burst, the evolution of wavy crisis spread.

Let us look at the evolution of the crisis period of 5 weeks, a chain of transmission: the crisis - a concern for the issue of compensation - to apologize, but said nothing about the compensation - the first case the user claims - Microsoft's "back door" guess - early disclosure of the compensation package - officially announced the compensation package, Norton manslaughter events were experienced by 7 times the peak of media coverage.

Patterns from the crisis point of view, the most damaging in two ways: First, overwhelming style crisis, such as P & G SK-鈪?storm, from the outbreak lasted only a week to the end; Second, wave-like crisis, such as Norton manslaughter events, features is a long duration, there have been negative information be exposed, the crisis was spreading wave after wave situation.

If a crisis before there is a sense of force majeure, then the latter is more a crisis because the crisis caused by improper handling. Attention to public relations crisis in the war gaming system, the concentration of the principle of information release is to prevent the spread of the crisis a long time the key must be followed, namely active control of information sources, the first time, one time through and all of the talking, rather than such as "hourglass" as the release of relevant information. If Symantec in the May 23 press conference that announced its compensation scheme, would not be led to today's devastating situation.

Compensation program talking about the compensation Yin Zhengyi

Even after the introduction of the compensation program, most users still think that Symantec's lack of sincerity, the media reports did not mention it more from the question of financial compensation, the starting complex constraints.

Contents of the compensation to Norton 360 individual users, for example, if converted into its free cash to upgrade and renew the one-year service price of 299 yuan, will receive the Restore 2.0 Norton storage market price for the 200 Yuan, a total of 499 yuan. This kind of products and services instead of cash compensation practices have forced users to continue to use suspected, but not in the manslaughter case users who suffered serious losses, the conversion amount of 499 yuan, or plausible.

So the question is not about financial compensation, but to escape responsibility for Symantec's "ostrich mentality." It is this lightly, ignoring the interests of the mentality of the user, so that the crisis intensified ... ...

Magnitude of analysis from the media, from the network, paper media to electronic media, developing in depth, after the introduction of the compensation scheme, instigated the media has become a CCTV, CCTV 15:00 News, "News 30 minutes" program first reported the next day paper media follow-up.

Position in the media, almost all of the media strongly questioned Symantec, for its hard-line attitude from start to finish avoiding compensation should be said that the media has been angered. For example, on May 23 news conference, Symantec come on to talk about its technical advantages, but makes no mention of manslaughter incident, media interest has persisted in evading the question of compensation. A result, most media coverage is negative news the next day, the "establishment of China's first Security Response Center" localization strategy is rarely mentioned.

In the one-sided public opinion environment, even if some of the media and opinion leaders have a good impression on Symantec, it will fall into a "spiral of silence", a rational position to be completely submerged.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Printing Machinery "pioneers", "English Education" story

In April 2005 as a mid-spring sunny Friday afternoon, a small size, the decoration simple but very clean office, a young man dressed in casual wear, furrowed brow, a moment to sit down, while another station up in the office paced. This is very competent and young people up who he is? Why did he so anxious? He seems to be waiting for the arrival of Who?

He is the national large-scale printing machinery manufacturer - Henry Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Beijing Chen Feng, general manager of rock. Henry Chen is in Beijing well-known "high-tech enterprise", is famous printing machinery manufacturer, mainly produce for the outside carton packaging printing machines and sheet-fed gravure printing outside the flexible sheet-fed (polishing) machine. Chen Henry company not only has strong technical force and advanced manufacturing technology, also has the perfect after-sales service system, among major cities across the country, with sales and service maintenance outlets.

As a nationally recognized leader in large traditional manufacturing companies, how will such a vibrant bright spring and then his face was covered with gloom? He was waiting for whom? What he is not pressing things to address right away?

It turned out like this: With the increasingly fierce market competition, rapid development in the Ching Henry, while also experiencing modern enterprise management requirements. With the growing size of enterprise, the traditional management alone can not meet the requirements of enterprise development, it is difficult to achieve enterprise management level, as early as the beginning of 2004, Henry's manager Chen recognized the need to help Advanced management software to improve management level and enhance production efficiency, through careful study of the market first Shangle Tao CRM system to carry out customer relationship management, Dan reality the large amounts of interoperability within the enterprise to the slow processing, fast response Bugou Deng Neibu process management mechanism of the shortage, but it is powerless and can not be solved CRM, after analysis, as traditional companies, employees in the knowledge structure, age structure and the differences in computer penetration is high, particularly widespread computer applications Comparing the level of the weak phenomenon. CRM systems can not resolve this fundamental issue of corporate governance and management of the overall problem of reality, Chen began to re-examine Henry, decided to start from the management infrastructure, through the application of OA system, renovating, "love" CRM's Henry Chen began "faithless" the.

A knock rang, Feng Yan guests arrived, and he is the only one with national influence in collaborative product manufacturer's sales representative UF Zhiyuan. UF Zhi Yuan is China's largest management software, ERP software and financial software vendors UF's professional collaboration software products company, has been working with "product-based" approach to provide customers with the scale, standardization of collaborative product services and through the application of collaborative management to achieve synergy value.

Zhi Yuan Feng total sales representative to recommend a set of collaborative management system software UFIDA Zhiyuan, this is the only product of a highly standardized collaborative software, customers not only through constant upgrades to continue to enjoy the standard of service while the application is also free from the shackles of traditional OA directly up to the collaborative management, the traditional industrial enterprises, especially manufacturing industry, many customers are already successful application of proof of this.

After a half-day detail, presentation, analysis and verification, to be prudent, Chen Henry's leadership decided to try to pass a more comprehensive understanding of UF Zhiyuan collaborative management software.

Later, after 5 days of installation, commissioning, training, deployment and initialization, running into the line, Henry Chen for all employees have a set of their own, can easily master and flexible use of office software was very pleased excited. After a month of trial, Chen Henry the traditional state-owned enterprises typical quality characteristics of corporate human resources at an alarming rate even gradually develop a new type of cooperative management practices: building fewer people in the shuttle, the noise becomes quiet , the complex becomes structured, process has become smoother, the permissions become clear. After work, we will report a first collaboration to: look up the company announced the latest column dynamics and the day of work plans; see if there is a new collaboration to deal with; see if there are new messages; to archive documents have been processed; led a mission does not matter, you can remotely approval; through the interconnected system into CRM customer management system, to know our customers circumstances. Of course this is only part of collaborative management system. Do not need to leave the comfortable office chair, with one click of the mouse, all went ahead, organized! Collaborative management system is quietly changing the habits of office Henry Chen, Office of the corridor will be heard from time to time the "Popular": "Feng total, the file I give you the synergy," "you put the case coordination thing to me "... ...

Probation, Zhen Yan Feng, general manager Henry, recognized that: a traditional industrial enterprises must recognize that the road construction in the information actually is full of a variety of risks, a phased development of information technology, can not "stop-gap", first lay a solid management foundation from the start. Market, there have been similar to the UF Zhiyuan collaborative management standard products such as collaborative OA, collaborative product development of OA of the application functionality is based on advanced business management theory and management of enterprises of different types of cases on the basis of abstract out of, combined with the practical application of continuous improvement, with mature, stable performance, not only can avoid the risk of the project, has speeded up the implementation of speed to quickly see the benefits, and the largest value of the enterprise is able to quickly lay a computer work, work with cultural practices. On this basis, then further to the development and implementation of CRM, ERP, etc. which is more professional, more complex and more risky business software, is undoubtedly part of eliminating and reducing risk, such experience should be perceived by the traditional industry.

Common understanding and goals so that Henry and UF Zhiyuan Chen came together, their "marriage", and this is undoubtedly a good news!

We have reason to believe that: Ching Henry left a message after the construction of detours, from the beginning, starting with the day to day business aspects of office management, rationalize the basis for management, coordination of office management thought reform, promotion, integrated enterprise resource so that the information within the enterprise can fully, and share a high degree of unity, which enhance the operation of enterprises for Ching Henry, competitiveness and market responsiveness, to participate in international competition, meet the challenges of WTO undoubtedly laid the most solid management foundation!

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Log multiple Gmail accounts at the same time - Firefox extension

Gmail Appinn is written in the software I use AutoHotKey, using Firefox3 and expansion of Prism, the Gmail system into the Central Plains as an independent desktop program, like students. And compared with normal Web browser, Gmail Appinn neither the menu nor the toolbar, just to maintain minimal UI. Gmail Appinn advantage is that you can treat it as a normal desktop application to use.

Very suitable for busy people do not want to open Gtalk disturbed the Gmailer.

Figure 1 Gmial interface


Support for multiple Gmail account simultaneously log.

Can be minimized to system tray

Auto Login

Background control Prism

Tips for new messages, and similar to Google Talk Tips

When Google Talk presence, you can set up a new pop-up message asks if

Fig 2 e-mail reminder

Support the main interface shortcuts exhale

Custom Projects rich (check mail interval, pop-up prompts residence time, a new voice message prompts, Prism window name, the default login of Gmail interface)

Figure 3 login screen

Encrypted password stored in the configuration file

Automatically check the message data stored in memory, not to hurt the hard drive


The first step, you must install the FireFox 3 browser and install the expansion of Prism.

The second step, run FireFox, open Gmail, click on "tools" menu, select "Convert Website to Application", in pop-up window, in the "name" in input: Gmail, check Gmail, click ok. See next map:

The third step is to run "install. Exe", is set up, click "OK" to start the program directly.


1, Firefox and Prism where the path where the path is a shortcut from the second step in the establishment, acquisition of data, keep the default on the line. The second step to establish a shortcut will be deleted.

2, mouse over the "check mail interval" and "pop-up prompts stay", scroll wheel can automatically change the data.

3, when GmailAppinn.exe running, open the setup interface is set up, click "OK", GmailAppinn.exe will automatically restart.

4, the contents of the password input box is empty every time you start, because your Gmail password is encrypted and stored in the configuration file, if there decrypt the password and the password input box to display your password as asterisks, it can be See the software detects an asterisk, encryption will be lost meaning, so empty. After the first set, they do not change your password, let the password box blank on the line.

5, in the Gmail interface when maximized, click the task bar, you can hide the tray, I believe that eMule and used software like Twhirl friend some love. (This feature is especially want to thank Helfee code provided)

6, how to turn off the "new mail alert sound"? In the setting where it will be empty on it.

7, N to open a Gmail? After the above settings, a copy of the entire Gmail Appinn, and then click your account and password reset.

8, left-click the tray icon to display the Prism.


Please do not use the right menu ShowGmail to display interface, or will happen can not be hidden to tray problem. If the unfortunate Click how to do? Please restart the computer. If that does not work, open the setup interface, change it "Gmail window name."

Careless, to set interface "When Gtalk exist", labeled "When Gtalk time"


Prism, is to eat large memory. Will occupy 50 ~ 80 MB of memory. Here someone may ask: how do IE ah? Because with IE I do not go on the development and use IE, then N can not be achieved to open a Gmail.

If you are using Firefox Portable version, first run Gmail Appinn, and then run Firefox will prompt: Another instance of Firefox is already running. Please close other instances of Firefox before launching Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition (Test). To the effect that: another Firefox is running, please close it after running the program.

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Built-in objects of the JSP in a brief overview

JSP brief overview of built-in objects:

(1) HttpServletRequest object class Request

Role: representative of the request object, used to accept client connections through HTTP protocol transmitted to the server-side data.

(2) HttpServletResponse object class Respone

Role: representative of the response object, used to send data to the client

(3) JspWriter out object class

Role: mainly used for the output data to the client; Out of the base class is JspWriter

(4) HttpSession session class object

Role: The main difference is used to save the information for each user, the session associated with the request; session state to maintain a Web application developers must face.

(5) ServletContex class application object

Role: Mainly used to store user information, the code fragment of operating environment; it is a shared built-in objects, that is, a container of multiple users share a single application object, so the stored information is shared by all users.

(6) PageContext class PageContext object

Role: Managing Web properties, packaging page for the JSP page context, management is the visible part of the JSP in particular access to the named object, its creation and initialization is done by the container.

(7) ServletConfig class Config object

Role: Configuration object code fragments that Servlet configuration.

(8) Object class Page (the equivalent of this) object

Role: processing JSP page is an instance of Object class, refers to an instance of JSP implementation class, that it is also the JSP itself, and only within the JSP page is legitimate.

(9) Exception

Role: JSP file execution errors and exceptions only in the error page where it can be used, provided that: where in the page directive to have the page isErrorPage = true; such as:



Are: the error.jsp page can be built using the exception object, use the following:

Note: pageContext attribute default in the current page is shared;

session of the property is in the current session is shared;

ServletContext object is that it is all the pages are shared;





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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Matting, Photoshop master of the Road, 2

Flexible use of tools in Photoshop, image processing

Portraits part of the deal:

Look at the picture above, if the people on both sides of the head should be removed, then they would fill the position should be used to remove the area it fills the background next to complete. Well, look at what most people picture the background of what the right, in addition to the trees the sky, some people, so we will use these to fill the better.

1. We first selected on a piece of wood in the background, shown in Figure 10,

(Figure 10)

Copy and then paste, the new layer, then the eraser to rub the edge of this layer to reach the edge of a kind of feathering effect, the diameter eraser set above Figure 11.

(Figure 11)

2. In the deal, we can move layers to the character's face, the face covered. If the area is not large enough, then you can copy more than one layer, until her face covered up. Treatment Figure 12:

(Figure 12)

Now we have to deal with the picture on the left of the head

Figure 13

1. We must first choose some of the region to deal with it with a spray gun. We can use the first tool to draw in color with the color of the sky, and then spray gun tool to the location of the sky with color fill. Using the same approach slope. Finally as shown in Figure 14 so.

Figure 14

2. Then select the following section, Figure 15, copied and then paste, then rub this layer the edge of the eraser. To move it above his head, and if not, then on to reproduce more layers.

Figure 15


Has been dealt with in Figure 16:

Figure 16

Haha, that this step we can look at photos of the treatment, how?

On this practice? Not yet, we have to change it curves and color saturation.


1. Press ctrl + M pop-up window, as shown below, watching images side adjustment curve.

Press ctrl + U pop-up window (Figure) to adjust saturation value

Haha, look how well the picture changed?

Summary: In fact, we found that in dealing with the picture of what is useless, just some basic tools. Often need is patience, careful, with these, together with the flexible use of various tools to deal with images will become easier. Welcome to exchange letters with my email:

[Editor's note]

Cipian tutorial there are a small story, one day greatly accelerates forum Xia Guang, occasional discussion of a crowd in the original image processed with a photo, think of a good photoshop technique, made every effort to inquire into their whereabouts, stalker, only this article, interested friends can visit the following website for further understanding of:

The original is so long, bean sprouts into the

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Murdoch questioned the portal model Chinese wife supervise operations Myspace

According to foreign media reports, September 19, the media predators, News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch's Internet portal, the current trend of questioning, he said, all good independent websites are still "living law." Murdoch also said the Chinese version of the Myspace website will be released, but considering China's online advertising market is not mature, the site will rely on other means of obtaining income.

Day, Murdoch attended a meeting sponsored by the Goldman Sachs investment conference. At the meeting, was to ask him questions, why not News Corporation subsidiary of Internet content through Yahoo or Microsoft's MSN Web portal such as release to the user. Murdoch said, is not necessarily closer to the door must be ways to attract traffic.

Murdoch said: "I doubt very much whether the portal model is the future of the Internet, we believe that people like the Internet to directly access the independent website." Murdoch, for example, Yahoo's has a recruitment portal site Hotjobs, but , users access the channel at the same time, many professionals will also visit the job sites.

Murdoch Board Another example is the British "Times" (News Corporation's assets) of the site. He said, "The Times" of the site than the BBC's Web site to only say a small, but still more than 600 million people a month visit, but users need not be through a portal to access their content. Murdoch said: "Obviously, you do not have access to Fox, the first online site, from where to find the contents of The Times."

Day, Murdoch also talked about the upcoming release in China, the Chinese version website Myspace. He said that China's online advertising market is much smaller than the U.S., so the Chinese version of Myspace will need to seek other ways to profit. He also said his wife, Wendi Deng is in China for the Chinese to prepare for the release of Myspace.

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Swift PSP iPhone Conversion

Swift PSP iPhone Conversion converts AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, MPEG videos to Wii WMV or MP4 video format in one simple click. It is a powerful Wii MPEG4 video converter/Wii burner with fast working speed in burning movie to Wii and downloading movie to Wii. Now you can get this Wii MPEG4 video converter at a very competitive price! Its key features include: The software features superb video audio quality and fast conversion speed. And it is very easy to use.

Swift Wii Video Converter is a best video and movie converter to Wii! This product offers convert movie to Sony Wii, Easy Convert AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP and etc. Swift PSP iPhone Conversion helps you watch your music videos and movies on your Wii.